Banksy’s Heart Balloon and Happy Choppers Travels to Art Miami

Banksy Highlights:

Stephan Keszler Gallery will bring NYC’s latest to Art Miami with his display of the infamous Banksy “Heart with Bandages” that mesmerized New Yorkers during the elusive artist’s NY residency in October. The piece, which was part of the Better Out Than In Series (October 2013), was spray painted on a concrete wall in Red Hook Brooklyn.

(Size: 5×8 ft; Cost: 200k-500k)

Debuting for the first time in the US, Banksy’s Study for Happy Chopper, which were created for his show in Vienna in 2003. The two pieces, exhibited by Cheryl Hazan Gallery, were originally part of a display where he made 8 in total, 2 were destroyed, 2 have not been found, 2 were purchased by a private collector, and the remaining two are being shown at CONTEXT. (size: 6x3feet; Cost: 450k – 500k)

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