Kickstarter_Out of the Maze the Final Chapter

For Immediate Release: November 14, 2013


DVD available to bring home

Out of the Maze is the final chapter to William Kurelek’s The Maze, a 40-year long generational project. It takes an in-depth look at William Kurelek’s life after he left the metaphorical prison, which the Maze skull represented (his struggles with attempted suicide and a self-professed “spiritual crisis”). The film includes rare interviews of Kurelek’s art dealer Av Isaacs, Kurelek’s art assistants, close family and friends, historians, art therapists and psychologist. The film will also feature many additional paintings, as William Kurelek painted over 3,000 paintings in his lifetime. The goal of the film is to paint a picture spanning the 40-year period since the original film was first released.

Brothers Nick and Zack Young, who restored and reimagined their father’s 1969 film, have been busy with the Kickstarter campaign, which aims to raise $50,0000 to complete and release both William Kurelek’s The Maze and Out of the Maze. The brothers aim to make it available worldwide in different languages including French, Ukrainian and Spanish, finish animations and master a proper surround sound mix.

"The film’s animated artworks added to the sadness and dark areas of Kurelek’s mind and brought the works to life. I felt it honoured the man and his work in a sensitive and respectful way,” said Victoria Henry, Director of the Canada Council Art Bank, donor.

William Kurelek’s The Maze is a feature length film about the life and art of renowned Canadian artist, William Kurelek. The documentary explores his struggles with attempted suicide and a self-professed “spiritual crisis”. It is dramatically told through his paintings and his on-camera revelations.

"I found The Maze painting two years ago when researching in my art course about mental illnesses and artists. It was one of the best accidental finds I’ve had in my life so far. I watched the video of how you developed your father’s film and became so attached and the more I find out about Kurelek and his work the more I want to be involved." Anonymous Donor

Until midnight/12 a.m. EST on Nov 25, 2013 William Kurelek’s The Maze is available on DVD as well as other ‘goodies’ by going to Rare, limited edition archival Kurelek print of I am Proud of my Humility, which depicts the interviews as they were filmed is available as well as a special Director’s Edition package that unlocks some hidden relics from the original making of the film in 1969, packaged inside a reproduced vintage film canister.

About Nick and Zack Young
Brothers Nick and Zack Young, who comprise the Los Angeles based rock band A.i. (once signed to Dreamworks and now independent at are the founders of the visual fx company Machineyes. Along with restoring and completing their father’s film, they also wrote the song for the end credits entitled Someone With Me, named after Kurelek’s autobiography.


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