New Exhibitions : Clint Griffin & Erik Jerezano


Clint Griffin • Not Staying
Erik Jerezano • Endlessly Looping

Carrousel ClintGriffin2


From November 23 to December 21 2013
Opening reception on Saturday November 23 at 3pm

Clint Griffin is presenting Not Staying, his latest solo exhibition, at Galerie Trois Points from November 23rd to December 21st, 2013 in which again, Griffin invites the viewer to enter a multifarious universe in which painting, photography and sculpture all respond to each other.

With Not Staying, the artist explores the states of in-betweeness and displacement. Through an abundance of signs, he refuses the idea of a single interpretation, preferring the beauty of mystery and incompleteness. His compositions question the coherence that can emerge from randomness. With the help of collected photographs and piles of objects of uncertain origins, the artist creates dislocated, patched up, spaces.

The use of found objects is central in Clint Griffin’s practice as he is looking for meaning in unexplored juxtapositions. His works put forward a vision of scattered places and moments, joined solely by the artist’s will. The elusive nature of the pieces is augmented by an impenetrable temporality as the artist sometimes spend several years working on the same works, the origins of what is being shown getting even more blurry for the viewer. From such associations, the elements do not emerge unscathed.

Clint Griffin lives and works in Toronto. His work has been widely shown in Canada and United-States, namely at Katharine Mulherin Art Project (Toronto), the American Primitive Gallery (New York), FUNCTION (Atlanta) and Yard Dog (Texas). He was recently included in The Painting Project, a large exhibition presented by Galerie de l’UQAM and curated by Louise Déry and Julie Bélisle. Griffin is part of numerous corporate and museum collections, represented in those of the Art Gallery of Ontario, Bank of Montreal, Canada Council Art Bank’s, Senvest, Sunlife and important law firms collections.

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GTP EJerezano EloquentDistance 2013 Cropped


From November 23 to December 21 2013
Opening reception on Saturday November 23 at 3pm

Galerie Trois Points is pleased to present Endlessly Looping, Erik Jerezano’s latest exhibition of drawings in which the artist presents a world inhabited by bizarre composite creatures in mysterious circumstances.

Jerezano is well known for his highly visionary drawings which delve into the metaphorical and the mutation. For him, the creative process requires the pursuit of a balance that is both visual and emotional. He does not set out with a preconceived idea but rather waits for the image to speak and lead him to new forms. Gradually, through the magical medium of the artist’s imagination and psyche, a personal mythology has been developed.

With Endlessly Looping, Jerezano intends to build a nonlinear, perpetually looping narrative, evoking images of transition and transformation in a small expedition to his subconscious. By following the progression of the idea rather than a preconceived final state, the intention is to create a reflection on the complexity of the human relationship to the unknown and explore the way rituals and beliefs are used as an existential cane to walk towards the unexplored death.

Born in Mexico, Jerezano immigrated to Canada in 2001. His solo work has been widely exhibited in Canada individually as well as a member of the Z’otz* collective. The artist’s output is part of the Art registry programs at the Drawing Center, New York and the Museum of Latin American Art in California. He exhibited at the Museum Knin (Croatia) and participated in the 16th edition of the International Print Biennial Seoul (South Korea) in 2011. The same year he won first prize from the Courvoisier Collective and was awarded the Pollock-Krasner Foundation in 2012. His work is in several collections including the Canada Council Art Bank and Bank of Montreal.


372, rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest | Espace 520
Montréal (Québec) H3B 1A2


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