BLINK Collective at The Red Head Gallery opens December 4

Coming soon to The Red Head Gallery: InHabitus II: Revisiting the art of collecting by the BLINK Collective, December 4 – 14, 2013. Opening Reception on Friday December 6, 6:00 – 9:00 p.m.
The Red Head Gallery
InHabitus II: Revisiting the art of collecting

BLINK Collective

December 4 ā€“ 14, 2013

Opening Reception: Friday Dec 6, 6 – 9 pm

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BLINK Collective, Relics, 2011
Members of the BLINK Collective (Ottawa, ON) are pleased to join The Red Head Gallery for InHabitus II: Revisiting the art of collecting.

Working with themes from previous collaborative exchanges with BLINK Gallery members, curator Diane Bond examines how collections from artist studios can be incorporated into curated spaces. With new work from visual artists Barbara Cuerden, Tami Galili Ellis, Meaghan Haughian, Jean Jewer, Karina Kraenzle, Jenny McMaster and Bozica Radjenovic, InHabitus II investigates the artistic desire towards collecting, archiving and presentation.

Image: BLINK Collective, Relics, 2011.Shoe form, animal skulls, wood. Courtesy of artists.

Blink Collective Logo
BLINK is a non-profit collective supporting professional contemporary artists from the Ottawa region.

BLINK GALLERY operates as an experimental laboratory for creative approaches and interventions across artistic disciplines.



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