Winter Newsletter 2013




Winter Newsletter 2013

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Now on view at Galerie Simon Blais, Montreal
1259.jpg Marc Séguin returns to the Canadian art scene with a tour-de-force of monumental painting in his highly anticipated solo exhibition Paysages. On exhibition at Galerie Simon Blais (Montreal) through December 21, the artist’s new body of work features a series of ten large format urban landscapes sourced from the streets surrounding his Brooklyn studio. Imbued with ghostly crime scenes, dragons, astronauts, chimps, and wolves, the paintings trace public actions and events and their capacity to transform, violate, destroy, and even linger.
Included in "Think Big" Art Miami, December 2013

1256.jpg The ever-irreverent Cameron Gray has been selected by Think Big Miami to showcase his installation piece consisting of 27 TV monitors. Sourcing images, animated GIFs, and video snippets from the internet, Gray takes a shamanistic approach to the digital age and serves up a Dionysian smörgasbord of visual and auditory white noise. The resulting new-age collage serves up an experience of orgasmic chaos, performative pleasure, and 21st century transcendence. AND, keep an eye out for his work on the cover of the December issue of ARTnews!
Featured on the cover of Photorealism in the Digital Age

1251.jpg One of the foremost photorealist painters of this generation, Yigal Ozeri graces the cover of Louis K. Meisel’s Photorealism in the Digital Age. Published by Harry N. Abrams, this book is a comprehensive survey of twenty-first century Photorealism – a term coined by esteemed gallerist Meisel himself. The book features twenty-five works by Ozeri alongside his contemporaries, covering varied approaches and techniques of one of the most popular contemporary movements since the 1960s. Over the weekend, the book sold out at the MoMA bookstore but is available for purchase here.
On view at Contemporary Istanbul

1276.jpg MWG’s own Hermann Nitsch, AKA the Viennese Godfather of the Action Painting movement, completed his 66th Painting Performance this month in Turkey, at the Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair. Since 1962 Nitsch has completed 138 performances, forever altering the world’s understanding of the painting process, and the godlike role of the artist. Nitsch "stages" works that appeal to the five senses, an all-emcompassing technique he began as a student with his Orgian Mysterien Theatre project – serving as an aesthetic ritual that glorifies existence itself. This most recent performance, titled Malakt, can be viewed online here.
Featured in Art and Auction Power 100

1272.jpg "At 1.5 million square feet on 35 acres, Mana Contemporary – a Jersey City, New Jersey exhibition space and center for art studios, supply shops, framers and storage facilities – is big enough to be a self-sustaining artist settlement, which would make its chief executive, Eugene Lemay, something like its mayor. Lemay, a founding partner of Moishe’s Moving Systems, which funds Mana, enlisted the help of New York dealer Mike Weiss and painter Yigal Ozeri to transform the former tobacco-manufacturing site into a contemporary art hub. And the project seems poised to grow even bigger. In March, Lemay helped organize a high-profile gala hosted by Charlie Rose and honoring Marina Abramovic. He also announced plans to establish a sculpture garden, theater and residency program." Lemay is also currently preparing for his upcoming Spring solo show with MWG.
On view at the McMichael Gallery in Ontario

1269.jpg You are Here: Kim Dorland and the Return to Painting has officially opened at the McMichael Canadian Art Collection, and will remain on view until January 2014. Vaulting the 39-year-old artist into the pantheon of the nation’s most revered painters (Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven, David Milne, and Emily Carr amongst others), the Kleinburg-based museum space spotlights over 50 of Dorland’s works alongside 33 canvases from its permanent collection.

Selected Exhibition Press:

Featured in a new text on Nature Morte

1274.jpg Jan De Vliegher is featured alongside artists such as Ai Weiwei, Gabreil Orozco, John Currin, Beatriz Milhazes and Gerhard Richter in Michael Petry’s new book, Nature Morte. The book details contemporary reinvigoration of the still life tradition, a genre with dates to the Old Masters of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Published by Thames and Hudson and featuring a unique holographic cover, the book is available here.
Featured in Geoffrey Bradfield’s text Artistic License

1275.jpg Liao Yibai is not only on the cover of renowned interior designer Geoffrey Bradfield’s newest publication, Artistic License, but also found throughout the entire text, gracing homes and collections all over the world. "’Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life,’ said Pablo Picasso. But if art is to serve this essential, invigorating function, the environment in which great painting and sculpture are displayed must possess and equivalence of vision, intention and creativity." The book can be purchased here.
520 W 24 NYC

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