Smart Fools Opening Reception 12/12 – Smart Crew x Fool’s Gold

Fool’s Gold, Klughaus & Adidas presents "Smart Fools" located at 536 Metropolitan Ave. Brooklyn, NY – Opening Thurs. 12/12 from 7-9pm
Brooklyn, NY 2013

Opening Reception: Thursday, Dec. 12, 2013 from 7-9pm
Location: 536 Metropolitan Ave. Brookyln, NY 11211
Preview Catalog: sales | PDF Catalog Download

This Thursday (12/12) Fool’s Gold in collaboration with Klughaus is proud to present our latest Artist Series opening, “Smart Fools,” a highly anticipated group exhibition featuring NYC’s own Smart Crew. Founded in 1997 by a group of high school friends in Queens, Smart Crew has evolved from a NYC-based graffiti crew into a diverse collective of international artists based in New York. Over the years, many of the members have branched out from their graffiti roots into alternate art forms including music, fashion, design and photography.

“Smart Fools” marks the first time Smart Crew has ever showcased its fine art as a collective, featuring all new work from Smart Crew artists including Action Bronson, Dceve, Despot, Elmo, Hso, Jeffrey Gamblero, Marty, Meyhem Lauren, Nick Gallo, Pierre Hefner, Snoeman, Tom Gould, Toper and Work925. The show will present a variety of pieces, all with a “gold” theme that illustrates each artist’s unique style and the diversity of Smart Crew as a collective.

Most importantly , “Smart Fools” highlights the subversive streak and sense of humor that runs through all the artists’ work, as shown in this promo video for the exhibition, which turns graf video seriousness on its ear for a sticker bombing campaign of comedically epic heights.


“Smart Fools” opens this Thursday (12/12) at the Fool’s Gold store on 536 Metropolitan Avenue in Brooklyn with an opening reception from 7-9pm. Refereshments will be served and limited-edition items will be available for purchase, along with original artwork. Thanks to Klughaus Gallery for presenting the “Smart Fools” exhibition with us, and Adidas Originals for sponsoring all our artist series events this year.

Preview catalog now available for download:



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