Zev Farber’s exhibition ‘Errata (18 to 34)’ opens January 8

Coming soon to The Red Head Gallery: Errata (18 to 34) by Zev Farber, January 8 – Febraury 1, 2014. Closing Reception and Sound Performance on Saturday February 1, 2:00 p.m.
The Red Head Gallery
Errata (18 to 34)

Zev Farber

January 8 – February 1, 2014

Closing Reception and Sound Performance:

Saturday Feb 1, 2pm

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Zev Farber, The Following Errors Have Been Found (Sound 1998 -2013), 2014
The Red Head Gallery is pleased to present Errata (18 to 34), an exhibition by artist Zev Farber.

Zev Farber’s recent work takes the form of multimedia installations which present deconstructed, character-driven narratives that address the complexities of various types of systems. Farber produces work primarily utilizing digital technologies – photo, video, interactive and sound – in order to complicate notions of authorship and authenticity. Often, his work will emphasize the duality of creative and destructive impulses and the struggle to strike a balance between them.

In 2010, the multimedia installation If It Happened At All, It Happened This Way drew on a fictional story-within-a-story involving the unresolved investigation into a family that suddenly and unexpectedly disappeared. Following this, in 2012, was the non-fiction installation Greg McRoberts, which covered a forty-year period in the title subjects’ life as a prolific, but conflicted, maker. Errata (18 to 34) leverages Farber’s own personal history to complete a trilogy of installations. Collapsing time, site and memory within the context of a particularly formative period, this exhibition offers “corrections” juxtaposed against combined fragments of archival material in order to remedy lost encounters, broken bonds and an obscured, incomplete sense of the future.

Image: Zev Farber, The Following Errors Have Been Found (Sound 1998 – 2013), 2014.Installation Mock Up from Errata (18 to 34). Courtesy of artist.

Zev Farber is an interdisciplinary artist based in Toronto. He studied music at the University of Toronto and received his MFA in Visual Art from York University. He has shown work and performed in a number of Canadian and international galleries, including the Red Head Gallery, Blackwood Gallery, InterAccess Electronic Media Arts Centre, Flux Factory in New York and the Incheon Biennale in South Korea. He currently also works at OCAD University and teaches New Media at York University.


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