Choy Ka Fai @ arebyte gallery

For the month of January we will host the singapore artist Choy Ka Fai for a gallery-residecny project

Ka Fa will work on his latest project ‘The Choreography of Things’ a continuation of his two previous projects ‘Prospectus For A Future Body’ and ‘SoftMachine’, all investigating choreographic processes, from the technicality of conditioning the body to the cultural-social aspects of dance and choreography.

‘The Choreography of Things’ is an exploration into the neurological narratives of our body and the things that condition us. The project investigates perception of movements and memories of our body.

The project is a series of experiments in the various forms of speculative scenario, workshop, demonstration and performances.

Ka Fai’s project been recently featured on WIRED and ArtReview Magazines.

arebyte gallery

Unit 4, White Post Lane,
Queens Yard
E9 5EN


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