Release: TODD GAVIN Exhibiting at the QUEENS MUSEUM OF ART

EDITORIAL GALLERY is pleased to announce that Todd Gavin’s new work, Carbon Statera (Balance), will premiere as part of a group exhibition at the Queens Museum entitled Raising the Temperature: Art in Environmental Reaction. The exhibition will open February 2nd, 2014 and will remain on view through March 2nd, 2014. A reception with the artists will be held at the museum on February 2nd from 3 to 5pm.

Raising the Temperature: Art in Environmental Reaction is a collaborative effort of nine artists curated through the insightful work of Luchia Meihua Lee to express, through the voices of contemporary art, the urgency of the many adverse environmental impacts we experience today. Raising the Temperature explores our contemporary artistic response to the anthropogenic challenges we pose, and presents a unified commentary on our changing relationship to the world we inhabit and the profound influence human life has upon the environment.

“Carbon, balanced in Nature, is the foundation of life, of our ecosystem, and effectively our thoughts, intellect, and emotions. Balance among the essential elements, hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon, enables life to form, and must be maintained in balance to perpetuate it. Fundamentally temperature plays the critical role in creating and aligning the elements to support life, and also to create the very carbon that all living beings, plants, animals, and people, are physically composed of. The relatively narrow temperature range that life is able to persist in, therein acts as the fulcrum of life itself– to lose this point of balance is to lose life.”, Todd Gavin

Todd Gavin’s unique Carbon Fresco series explores the philosophical and biological significance of Carbon’s role in the formation life. In Carbon Statera, the artistic commentary originates with the “act of balance” that Carbon participates in in creating and perpetuating life. The large physical construct of the artwork begins the conversation and is elaborated through its profound visual language. The physical and philosophical considerations are thoroughly, and richly, articulated through the beautiful tonal and textural variations of carbon and earth, which are so familiar to us all, yet eloquently reintroduced in this form. Carbon has long been used to create art, from its earliest forms, and the artist has chosen to use it in its basest types of oil, ash, charcoal, coal, and soot. Raw carbon’s multitude of forms and its physical tangibility make it a very effective medium to naturally express the emotional quality and feeling of balance. Within the context of the artwork, carbon is a metaphor for life, and the aggregates of cement and sand are a metaphor for the Earth. The aggregates of earth and carbon are poetically mixed together with water to fuse, set, and form— the art and its profound meaning.

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