Press Release: Uttaporn Nimmalaikaew, Dukkha: The Imagery of Suffering

Yavuz Fine Art is pleased to present Dukkha: The Imagery of Suffering, a solo exhibition by Thai artist Uttaporn Nimmalaikaew, on view from 8 March to 6 April 2014. Comprising seven mixed media portraits and one life-sized installation of the artist’s family members, each in a different stage of life, this exhibition explores the concept of ‘dukkha’, a Buddhist term that describes suffering caused by constant change and the unavoidable truth of life.

Winner of the prestigious Sovereign Asian Art Prize in 2006, Uttaporn has established himself as one of Southeast Asia’s most exciting new generation artists. He is known for his unique mixing of media, painting over layers of canvas, tulle and thread to create mesmerising three-dimensional, ‘holographic’ paintings that seem to shift with our own movements, as we peer deeply into the glass to study each layer, or take a step back to consider the whole.

The opening reception in the presence of the artist will be held on Friday, 7 March 2014 from 7-9pm at Yavuz Fine Art, Singapore.

The artist will also be available for interviews in person or via email.

For more information, please refer to the press release attached.

To view the e-catalogue of works, please go to

Yavuz Fine Art


Dukkha: The Imagery of Suffering, solo exhibition by Uttaporn Nimmalaikaew / 8 March – 6 April 2014

UN_Press Release 2_YFA.pdf


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