site[d] explores several locations in East Vancouver.


Opening: March 8 at 2pm
Exhibition: March 8 to April 12
Curated by Michael Bjornson

site[d] is a mixed media series by artist JG Mair that explores several locations in East Vancouver. Each site, unoccupied, is recorded via hand-painted vignettes, legal identifiers and organic samples. These portraits provide a lingering glimpse of the transitory state of the city’s urban fabric, as each work suspends time and space to reveal a landscape trapped between decay and growth. The pieces are multi-layered, combining both living and artificial signifiers in an elegant and affective display. Inherent to the work are issues of land development, reclamation, displacement and appropriation The artist as archivist has fashioned a unique and revealing record of the traces generated by these temporary vacancies.

JG Mair has a background in painting and digital media production. His technically challenging work employs conceptually related elements to deliver multi-dimensional form and meaning. Mair lives and works in Vancouver, and has exhibited in Canada, the United States and Japan. He holds a BFA from the University of Victoria and a BEd (Art) from the University of British Columbia, and recently completed the Banff Artist in Residence Program at the Banff Centre.

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Robert Lynds Gallery1639 West 3rd Avenue
Vancouver, British Columbia V6J 1K1 Canada



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