John Martin, Chelsea | Francis Hamel Exhibition, ‘Rachel’s Flowers’

Francis Hamel Rachel’s Flowers, opens 7 March
John Martin Gallery Chelsea
80 Fulham Road, London SW3 6HR
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Francis Hamel
— Rachel’s Flowers 7 – 22 March

"…Rachel’s flowers have been central to our life at home. The flowers she picks from our garden and the combinations of colours that she puts together always make me look twice and when she leaves the house to go to work it has become something of a habit to take them to my studio. This began about five years ago and since then I have unconsciously created the material for a little exhibition devoted to her flowers."

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Black Tulips and Euphorbia, April 2008

oil on panel 16½ x 12½ inches, 43 x 32 cm

Cornflowers, August 2013

oil on panel, 15½ x 11½ inches, 29 x 39 cm

Silver Pennies, January 2014
oil on panel 24 x 18½ inches, 61 x 47 cm
Tuberoses, February 2014,
oil on panel, 16½ x 12½ inches, 42 x 32 cm

"An arrangement of flowers is a very mobile, transient, fragile sort of thing and has to be painted quickly. You have to throw yourself at it and work with as much concentration and energy as you can find. …As with landscape painting, the whole process is driven with urgency.."

The Great Oak,
oil on linen, 48½ x 40 ins

"… Two recent large-scale tree compositions seemed to belong with the flowers and it seemed appropriate, artistically, if not logically, to include them here. Trees and flowers combined, but the exhibition remains very personal, each painting marking the passing of time and the changing seasons at home."

Next Exhibition Mayfair:
William Peers,
Carving in Marble 2013-14

21 March – 17 April

Catalogue Now Available

Filmed at his studio in North Cornwall, William Peers talks about the ideas behind his work as well as the process of direct carving.
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John Martin at Art14
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